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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Snowy Silent Day

We woke up to a blanket of snow this week. My husband forged on to work, of course, so I enjoyed the silence that only snow can provide. I finally pulled myself from under the covers. While I sipped my first cup of coffee I made a list of all the things I needed to accomplish. The office was closed but with email and my Blackberry I was able to attend to the business issues. I cooked, I read, I paid bills, and then I pulled on my rubber boots and took a stroll outside. We live across the street from a lovely Episcopal church. It is a pleasure to look at all year round but with the addition of snow, it’s extra special.

While the snow is beautiful, I kept seeing signs of what I’m really waiting for…Spring! Beneath the snow, the tops of daffodils are poking up. I know that in that big terra cotta pot are more daffodils chilling that will provide me with a lovely vase of the first flowers in our garden.

Our raised beds are only weeks away from the first vegetables being planted. I REALLY love gardening and watching our backyard come to life.

So, while the snow is pretty, my thoughts are already turning to spring. How about you??


  1. I have definitely been thinking about Spring and the garden. We have raised beds here too an my daffodils have been starting to poke up also. I have a greenhouse that I'll be planting some seed in so that I'll have a lot of my vegetables ready to put in the ground as soon as the ground is ready!LOL Isn't life in Arkansas grand?

  2. Yes, Barbara, life in Arkansas IS grand! I love to travel but I always am happy to come home. I'm a life-long Arkie!


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