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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Night in Washington DC

We were a few days too early to see any real cherry blossom action but what a night we had in Washington DC last week. So many wonderful people came to the Korus House of the Korean Embassy to hear my talk, Bojagi to BOBO, A Green Tradition from Korea Reimagined. With the final count at over 150 people, even the overflow room was full to capacity and it was standing room only for the presentation.

It was one of those lucky nights where things just seemed to click. DC/MD/VA traffic can be murderous but it was smooth sailing all the way from the highways to the triangular mazes of the city. The audience was also amazing and just perfectly on my green colored wavelength. Heavenly!

Speaking to a room full of DC intellectuals including college professors and diplomats can be daunting, but the guests were very warm and engaged in the topic of the night.

There were so many great questions and comments by the audience. I wish we had more time to pass around the mike to everyone! Here are some snippets from our Q and A session:

Q: What is the Korean etiquette with using a bojagi (wrapping scarf)? Is it rude to take the wrap back when giving a gift?

A: There are many correct ways to use a bojagi. Many people choose to give the bojagi to someone as part of a gift. Others use the wrap as a personal accessory much like a bag and use it to transport a gift of wine or food. They unwrap the gift, hand it to the recipient and put their wrapping scarf away.

Q: What are the best fabrics to use as a wrapping scarf? I have a lot of cotton fabrics at home and would like to try the techniques.

A: The beauty of wrapping scarves is that you can use so many different fabrics and materials depending on what you may have available. My book, The Wrapping Scarf Revolution, goes into more detail as to what fabrics and sizes to use for specific projects but one easy test to see if your fabric will work is to hold a corner of the fabric and tie a knot. If you can't tie a knot easily, the material is probably too thick.

At the end of the evening, we gave 7 lucky raffle winners a signed and BOBO wrapped copy of my book, The Wrapping Scarf Revolution. Thanks DC for a fun and memorable evening. Till next time, happy wrapping! xo Patricia

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  1. These packages are beautiful. I have used fabrics for many years as did my mother and Grandmother. Happy wrapping...


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