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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Star Struck in the Big Apple

Last week I winged my way toward NYC for the Book Expo America show (BEA) to share with the book world our latest and greatest books in the creative, crafty arena. While I was enjoying my lay over in Chicago, I gave the Late Show with David Letterman a call to see if they had a standby ticket for little ole me for the taping that afternoon. Well, they did but I was #50 on the list and I had to be at 53rd and Broadway no later than 3:30. I was scheduled to land at LaGuardia Airport at 2:14, which I actually did! But the traffic just wasn’t on my side (or so I thought). By the time I made it by the hotel on 31st Street, checked in, dropped my bag, and grabbed a cab uptown I was about 20 minutes late to the Ed Sullivan Theatre. The cute little girl managing the line must have been new – she was so sweet. She went to check but the answer was no, they weren’t letting me in.

I was disappointed but decided to hang around the stage door on 53rd Street. Sarah Jessica Parker was the scheduled guest and two friendly Aussie gals told me she had already entered. So I hung around talking to them and others that began to gather. The official paparazzi began to arrive as well. Finally, about an hour later, she emerged! The screaming and pushing was a little overwhelming but I stood my ground. After SJP gave the paparazzi a wave and a bow she crossed 53rd Street and waltzed right up to our group of fans patiently standing behind the barrier. She was friendly and ever-so-kindly signed autographs pushed her way. With the crowd pressing in, I ended up with a lot of sidewalk shots and tops of heads but am especially pleased with this one.

So, you see, if I had gotten into the theatre I would have missed out on the up close, star experience and talking to all those other folks from other parts of the country and world. What a great way to start my visit to New York City!

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  1. Sounds like you got off to a great start!! Are you going to go to any Broadway shows? I know The Phantom of the Opera has been running a long time but it really is a great show. Have a great time while you're there.

    Hugs XX


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