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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Me Day

Happy Sunday, everybody! I had an “All About Me” Saturday. That doesn’t happen very often. The Love-Of-My-Life was out of town for the day, and the children found more interesting folks to hang out with, so I was on my own.

Started out getting my hair cut. I don’t really enjoy the whole beauty salon concept because I’m not so much a girly girl plus they take my glasses away from me, and, being very nearsighted, I can’t actually see what the stylist is doing. It’s just a little scary.

Next stop, the bookstore. I love bookstores. While crocheting, papercrafting, antiquing (junking), watching classic movies, cooking and eating, and just staring at my family all hold important spaces in my life, reading a good book rates right in there with them. After a couple of hours in the bookstore and three new paperbacks I couldn’t resist…

I treated myself to Mexican food. I could rhapsodize over the luscious cheese, grease, sour cream, salsa, and jalapeƱos that I inhaled, but I won’t subject you to such torture.

From there, I moved on to shoes. I still wasn’t feeling the girly thing, but I needed brown shoes. Just maybe not the brown shoes I left with the store with…only time will tell if the shoes and I are able to coexist.

Then on to the electronics shop. Even though I’m really really a novice, I bought myself a new camera. It’s been years since I’ve had my very own camera that I didn’t have to share with husband and children. Now, I can practice up taking good blog photos. Wish me luck…

Final destination: the flea market. Have you ever walked around a flea market or antique mall? I tend to get lost in the aisles and lose all sense of time. I eventually forced myself out to the car clutching a vintage-looking Casablanca print and some aqua mason jars.

And arrived home worn out, full of nachos, and feeling sort of like I’d accomplished something, to find the Love-Of-My-Life, who greeted me with the dreaded words, “What’s for supper?”. Have you been there, done that?


  1. Oh yea! Too many times! I can come home from out of town and hear those words as soon as I walk in the door! The other day when the hubby asked me, I told him "whatever you go out and pick up is fine with me!" We ate Wendy's!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful "me" day though!

  2. How fun that you had a day to yourself. We all need those once in awhile! I like the shoes...


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