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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Collecting Shakers?

It’s a bright and glorious Saturday morning! While I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, I thought I’d share another of my collections with you. This collection is my mother’s fault. See, when I was a kid, my mother always had a bunch of salt and pepper shakers lined up on her kitchen windowsill—a Dutch boy and girl, plastic oil lanterns, wooden outhouses, yellow rose-shaped shakers, and more. I wasn’t allowed to touch them. I wish I had them to add to my collection now.

My kids make fun of me ’cause my shakers are sort of taking over the house. My newest acquisitions are pictured above—an assortment of plastic shakers. I love the lime green camel! He exists out there in the collecting world in an assortment of colors, and I might need all of them…

These are my milk glass shakers. I’ve got them all crammed together on a cake pedestal, so I can display other shakers (and stuff) below them. (Space is obviously becoming an issue!) See the green lantern shakers (in the original packaging!) in the center of the photo? They’re just like my mother’s except hers were yellow.

Here’s a peek at the collection below the cake pedestal—lots of pinks and blues. I’ve got teardrop pattern, Fiesta, cobalt blue, Cameo Rose, shakers that look like wine bottles, and even a little white bunny who has a companion yellow chick that goes with him. The extra stuff? Well, there’s a depression glass creamer, a pink beaded block vase, a juicer, and some silverplate utensils that I’m saving for an art project…

Another shot of shakers—I really like the mini soda bottles and the green shakers beside them. (Green is my all time favorite glass color.) This photo unfortunately also shows off, what, for me, is the worst part of collecting salt and pepper shakers—the dust!!!

Collectors, I need your advice. What cool ways are you using to display your shaker collections and do you have any magic tricks for eradicating dust?


  1. Great shakers, but tell more about the Cat Quilt in 2nd picture background, please.

  2. Love your collection. I love the Cat Quilt. I have the pattern and I have a panel of this quilt. Hugs

  3. Hi Pearl & Cathy,

    I got a new camel last night. He's watermelon colored. As for the wall hanging, it was made for me years ago by a lady who used to work here at Leisure Arts. It combines three of my favorite things—beautiful colors, buttons, and cats. It is just made from a panel that she embellished with buttons and finished as a wall hanging. Thanks for the comments.



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