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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Mornings…

I’ve discovered over the years that I sort of like Sunday mornings, early Sunday mornings when it’s just me and the cat. I feed him, and he’s happy. I get coffee, and I’m happy. The rest of the family’s still asleep, which I think they’re pretty happy about, too!

And I get to do what I want—stare out the window at the birds, read, crochet, learn to purl with the Knook, research depression glass, play on the internet…

This morning, I’m doing a blog post ’cause I discovered the most amazing picture that I wanted to share with you. It’s actress Katherine Hepburn knitting on the set of a 1930s movie. How much fun is that? Wasn’t she gorgeous?

Now, I may have to add a Hepburn movie to my Sunday morning routine. What’s your favorite? I’m feeling the need to see Bringing Up Baby.

I also just found this old photo of black cats waiting at leash end in line to audition for a movie. My black cat regarded this photo with disdain when I pointed it out to him. He definitely does not approve of such behavior—most certainly not!

Happy Sunday Everybody!


  1. We share our Sunday morning routine.
    Great photos!

  2. I love the picture of all the cats on the leashes. Our cats only go out in the carrier or on leashes. They are just like dogs - when the leash rattles, they come running. Our neighborhood is just not safe enough for cats to run free.


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