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Friday, October 28, 2011

More Fall Pincushions

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve got a thing for Fall. (Remember the Leaf Pincushions last month?) Love the weather, love the leaves, and I love the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. Consequently, I whined to our wonderful in-house designers, Anne and Becky, for more Fall-themed pincushion patterns, and look what they came up with—

Pumpkin Pincushions

orange fabric
black or brown embroidery floss


1. Cut a circle from fabric. (Becky started with an 8-1/2" square for her big pumpkin, and I used a 5" charm pack square for my tiny one.)

2. Fold the fabric edge over and use three strands of floss to stitch a running stitch around the edge of the fabric circle to create a poof of fabric.

3. Stuff fabric poof with fiberfill and secure floss.

4. Starting on the bottom middle of the cushion, use floss to create the pumpkin segments, pulling firmly.

5. Run needle through one hole of a stack of 2-hole buttons and back through second hole for stem and secure stem to pumpkin.

Acorn Pincushion

(Anne used pretty tan, green, and brown supplies for her design. All I could find in my supply cabinet to use for step-by-step photos was goldish, grey, and red. Sorry…)

scrap felt
fabric glue
2-1/2" dia felt ball
medium rick rack


1. Cut acorn stem from scrap of felt.

2. Glue stem to top of ball.

3. Starting in middle of ball and gluing as you go, wrap approximately half of ball with rick rack for cap.
4. Done!

So I’ve indulged once again in my obsession with Autumn. What’s your favorite traditional symbol for Fall?


  1. Thank you for sharing such adorable and achievable Autumn pincushions. Love the button stems and the rick rack acorn cap. Brilliant. Happy Haunting...


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