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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Teach Yourself to Make Biscornu

If you follow the Everyday Life at Leisure blog at all, you know I’ve got a thing for pincushions, so you know I’m thrilled to be able to announce that the book I’ve been waiting for (the ultimate pincushion book) has finally been released—Teach Yourself To Make Biscornu by Bobbie Watts! I can’t wait to dig into the instructions and learn for myself!

Some of you are probably wondering just what a biscornu is. Well, according to the book—

A biscornu is a little eight-sided pillow that gets its name from a French word meaning “quirky.” It can be used as a pincushion, ornament, scissor fob, sachet, or just about anything you can think to do with a tiny cushion. A basic biscornu is composed of two fabric squares that are stacked, with the top square askew, and then sewn together.

Besides teaching you how to make a biscornu, this great book also shows you how to make your biscornu beautiful. Bobbie’s biscornu feature several different embroidery techniques (a great way to learn new stitches) and are embellished with tassels, cords, and organza pom-poms.

Take a look at the 9 projects included in Teach Yourself to Make Biscornu:


Bright Gem

Orange Gem


Green Garden

Blue Pearls

Stripes of Pink

Crimson Flower

Variegated Lattice

Meet The Designer!
Bobbie Watts lives in the Australian state of Tasmania, which is an island in the south. “This is the most beautiful place,” Bobbie says. “There is so much here to inspire the textile designer. Living on a hill with both land and sea views, I started designing in an attempt to capture my beautiful surroundings. … I am the founder of our local embroidery guild, which is now a branch of the Tasmanian Embroidery Guild. I’m also a member of some fiber arts groups. I teach, judge, and curate. Mainly, I work in design and contribute to most of the related magazines in Australia and in some international publications. I also have works in several galleries. … I like to use geometric shapes in my designs with a variety of techniques, threads, and stitches.”


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