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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Asymmetrical Quilts—A New Quilt Pattern Book

Go off center and enjoy creating unique quilts with the asymmetrical designs in this new pattern book from Leisure Arts—Asymmetrical Quilts. These 9 throw and wall hanging sized quilts from designer Phyllis Dobbs will add drama to your decor. The designs feature both traditional and non-traditional blocks combined in very untraditional arrangements. Whimsical applique adorns several quilts for exciting floral designs or geometrics. The designs are created for all skill levels from beginning to advanced, so there is something for everyone in this book.

Check out the pretty pictures!


Windmills of Color

Which Direction?


Floral Majesty

Tilt A Whirl

Swirling Stars

Garden Maze

Splash of Flowers
Meet The Designer: Phyllis Dobbs
Phyllis Dobbs was enticed into designing quilts by a love of fabric and design, combined with a family history of quilt making. Surrounded by stacks of quilts sewn by her great-grandmothers, grandmother and aunt, she is constantly inspired by tradition but loves to put fun and unexpected twists into her designs. After years of designing quilts for books and magazines, Phyllis turned her artistic talents into designing fabrics that, along with her quilt designs, are influenced by her sense of whimsy and love of vibrant colors. Her art is also licensed for gift, home d├ęcor and garden products. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Phyllis lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband and cat. To see more of Phyllis’ designs, visit her blog at Phyllisdobbs.info and her web site at Phyllisdobbs.com.

Get your copy of Phyllis’ new quilt pattern book—Asymmetrical Quilts, today, and check out our other new releases on the Leisure Arts New Arrivals page!


  1. Sorry to have to say this, but those are terrible pictures. I think the photographer is trying to hide how unattractive the quilts are by folding them so much that the pattern is hidden in the convolutions, taking the picture in bad lighting with heavy or dappled shadows to obscure the pattern or showing so little of the quilt that it can't be fully assessed.

  2. Hi Kitten, there are multiple pictures of the quilts in the book. Each quilt is also photographed flat so that every detail of the pattern shows. If you see a copy of the book, please look through it and I think that you will love the other photos. Thanks for your comment! Phyllis

    1. Thanks for responding, and I apologize for misspeaking in my first comment. I didn't mean to say that I think they are unattractive quilts. I should have said "It makes it look like the photographer..." rather than "I think the photographer...". Also, I apologize to the photographer. These shots are not "terrible", they are really artistically framed, and do convey pleasant moods. My observation was meant only from the point of view of trying comprehend the entire pattern.

      Phyllis, is there anywhere on the web where we can see these other pictures?

  3. Hi Karen, I'm sorry for the delay in replying to your request but just now saw your reply (and thanks for your reply). I have some of the full shots posted on my website and hope this helps with how the quilts look.



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