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Friday, June 1, 2012

Knit Dishcloths — A New Pattern Book with Knook Instructions!

I love dishcloths! They’re the ultimate, perfect, work-on-them anywhere knitting patterns. They’re so practical! You can never have too many dishcloths around the house, plus they make sweet little gifts! So I was really pleased to see Leisure Arts produce a new knit dishcloths pattern book entitled simply Knit Dishcloths featuring 15 extremely easy knitting patterns by Julie Ray! You might be wondering why I’m excited about a knit dishcloth pattern book when (if you’ve been paying attention) you know I don’t knit. Well, the cool thing about Knit Dishcloths is that includes both traditional knitting patterns with two knitting needles instructions plus Knook instructions! I may not have managed to conquer those two knitting needles, but I’m getting the knack of the Knook! Cool, yes?

Check out the Knit Dishcloths details:
Making dishcloths is quick and fun! Even better, this plentiful collection of 15 designs by Julie A. Ray can be knitted—or knooked! The Knook is an exciting new tool, a special crochet hook that replaces knitting needles. It creates true knitted fabric while the attached cord prevents dropped stitches. Knook kits are available at your local craft store. You can also get them from LeisureArts.com, where you’ll find excellent videos and free patterns for the knook. In this book, we’ve included instructions both for knitting and knooking the patchwork-inspired dishcloths. 

Take a look at Julie’s patchwork-inspired knit dishcloth designs:

The front cover shows off Amish Diamond, Variable Star, and Pinwheel knit dishcloths!

Arrow Point, King’s Crown, and Bachelor’s Puzzle!

Old Maid’s Puzzle and Dutchman’s Puzzle!

Nine Patch, Friendship Star, Windblown Square, and House!

And on the back cover, you’ll discover Shoofly, Split Nine Patch, and Annie’s Choice!

Project Inspiration—Wanna do something different with your knit dishcloths? Try sewing together multiples of each design, fashioning a cozy “quilt” afghan.

Oh, and another cool thing about the knitting patterns in this book, they’re all at the beginner skill level, so I have a chance of actually being able to make them, and you experienced folks out there will be able to whip right through them in no time!

Meet the Designer—Julie Ray!
“I really enjoy the quickness of making dishcloths,” says Julie A. Ray. “I wanted to bring my love of quilting into my love of knitting, thus, quilt block dishcloths! I encourage everyone to give knitting dishcloths a try—they’re beginner-friendly, and they open a door to all kinds of projects.” Julie not only knits, she also crochets, sews, and does cross stitch, fitting lots of creativity into her busy days.

If you’re a traditional two knitting needles knitter you know you need a copy of Knit Dishcloths, and if you’re liking the Knook, this is the perfect book of knitting patterns for you, too!


  1. I'm enjoying knitting these dishcloths. I found the book while on a trip, in Midland, Texas. The patterns are easy, and they make warm, homey looking blankets, or dishcloths.
    All are the same size, too, which is rare, and so nice to find!!

    1. Awesome! I really like how they're the same size, too. It's nice for when you're giving a bundle of them as gifts, and they can be pieced together for an afghan. I really would like to try to make a small throw some time because they're beautiful patterns.


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