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Friday, October 19, 2012

In the Unlikeliest Places

I went to the state fair yesterday, which was great.  I looked at all kinds of stuff, which was great.  I even took pictures.

Most of them were not great. Actually, they were all pretty rough.

Obviously, that was bad.  I'd planned to take some pictures of the quilts and crocheted afghans and knitted sweaters and talk about how the simple act of just seeing what other people can make inspires me to try new things and get back to work on projects I've let hibernate.

But that didn't happen.

The arts and crafts building of our state fair is a fairly large building.  The arts and crafts submissions to our state fair could fill at least four fairly large buildings.  Projects aren't so much displayed as they're almost stacked on top of each other, wedged between photography submissions, and draped on top of cabinets that shelve rows upon rows of canned goods.  Then there were the florescent lights, which washed out the colors of the yarns and made the quilts look garish.  Then there was my little camera, trying to do its little best and failing a little bit.  Then there was the fussy toddler, who didn't like to sit still in her stroller while I tried to take pictures through the glass of the display cases.

Lastly, and worst of all, there was a SPAM-frying competition taking place and the whole building smelled like fried SPAM and there was no escaping it and it was just so terrible.

I mean, fried SPAM.

I was the opposite of inspired.  I was a mix of nauseated, distracted, and kind of bored.

I love meeting people who make things.  I love seeing what friends are crafting, and even just browsing through people's project pages of a pattern on Ravelry is sometimes enough to give me an idea for something I want to try.  But sometimes, just seeing something someone else made just isn't that exciting.

Then again, sometimes it is.  I went on to find something that caught my eye.
And I found it here:

Why yes, those are cows in a cattle barn.  

And look at what else was in this cattle barn:

And then there was this!

A woman working in one of the offices had set out these little guys as decoration, and she let me take some pictures!  We chatted for a couple of minutes while my baby stared at calves and passersby, and I'm ticked at myself for not thinking to ask her what her Ravelry username is.  She said she's been crocheting for years, and loves crocheting dolls and teddy bears for her grandkids.  We talked about how durable her creations are even when kids are playing tug-of-war with them, and how she really enjoys crocheting and wants to do more knitting next year.

It was a really nice little talk and I stuck my head through the window of her office and saw an assortment of yarns and patterns that have been keeping her happy and calm through her twelve-hour days.  We didn't talk long before she had to help some other people, but it was a nice visit and I was excited to meet someone who likes yarn things--especially because I don't normally meet people like that unless I'm actively searching.

I pushed the stroller out of the barn, contemplated buying some lemonade (and then didn't. Why did I do that?!), and felt a little bit happier than when I walked in.

And: inspired.

I was so ready to try something new, that I actually took a break from writing this post to download this.

I can't wait to let you know what I try next.

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