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Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts I Had While Staring at a Picture of My Stash

  • I should have moved the PEZ dispenser out of the way before I took this.
  • This is a gross amount of yarn.
  • This isn't even the yarn that's in project bags, attached to projects, hidden in a drawer at work, tucked away in my purse, oh crap I just looked up and saw a ball of yarn on a cabinet.
  • I'm really glad I got most of this tucked away before Cody came home.
  • I feel gross. 
  • This is several charitable donations' worth of yarn.
  • I'm really glad I found that cotton yarn so I can knit some washrags.
  • I feel weird that I don't know how to knit washrags.
  • I feel weird that I can lose yarn.
  • I have a lot more brown yarn than I thought.  So cozy.
  • I really like buying blue yarn. Why do I not knit with more blue yarn?
  • I'm cute in blue.  This is the narcissistic thought of someone who believes it's okay to have this much yarn.
  • I can use a lot of these scraps for amigurumi.
  • Or baby booties!
  • Dadgum, I have a lot of baby booties to make.
  • I noticed Evelyn trying to wear some doll shoes the other day.
  • My own precious daughter doesn't even have jeans that fit and I have all this yarn.
  • Okay, she doesn't have jeans that fit because toddler jeans are either too short, or too big in the waist.
  • I wonder if I can cross post this.
  • This is a lot of yarn.
  • I can't believe some kind of bug burrowed into one of the smaller balls!
  • It happens to everyone! Even the Yarn Harlot.  
  • I wish I could find a post to back me up on that.
  • I'm a little glad that I accidentally dropped the entire thing in the trash can.
  • Even if it was Cascade 220.
  • I need more plastic bags and tubs.
  • Maybe I need to get some of this yarn knitted/crocheted up into other things so I won't have to feel gross about this yarn.
  • I kind of wish I'd gone to the yarn store on my free afternoon.
  • Yarn.

Cross-posted and modified from my personal blog, with my own permission.  If any of you out there want to show me your stash, I would love to see it.  I want to see it so much I don't even care how creepy I sound right now.  Put a link in the comments!  Or just tell me how many skeins you have!  Or something!  I want to feel less alone and I'm genuinely curious about the fiberphiles (spell check doesn't recognize that) who read here.

In conclusion, yarn.  Yes, again.


  1. Olá! Não se culpe tanto...Todas nós temos demais algumas coisas.Ano passado,fazendo uma limpeza profunda na casa toda,encontrei coisas que podia jurar:EU NÃO COMPREI ISSO!Entrei no Pinterest tricô e crochê,e acabei com um pouco de tudo,fiz sapatinhos de neném,cachecol,e gorros de tricô,e,sacolas,barra em pano de prato,toalha de rosto de crochê.Vá lá,acesse busque coisas fáceis e rápidas que te dê uma resposta .Beijos.

    1. Google translation kind of failed me here, but I was able to get the 'Don't be so hard on yourself' part of things, so thank you! Beijos.

  2. If that is your entire stash, I've got you beat. I have yarn in 2 different storage buildings (with other things too :D ) and too much at my house. It happens to us yarn crafters.

    1. Oh man, I don't know if I scared or just jealous. That's a crazy amount of yarn!


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