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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Downloadable Easter Basket Patterns Inspiration

My kids are getting older now, but since they’re spoiled rotten (and their mother’s a little obsessive), they still expect and receive homemade, hand-filled Easter baskets. This year, I’m turning to some tried and true free downloadable Easter basket patterns from Leisure Arts. Take a peek. You might like them, too. Skill levels range from simple cut and glue to actually needing basic sewing skills—

Easter Sandpail Basket

Ribbon-Embellished Easter Apple Basket

Metal Mesh Easter Basket

Oilcloth Easter Basket

What do you put in your kids’ baskets? Mine don’t seem as pleased by the usual candy, coloring books, and stuffed bunnies as they used to be…the older they get, the more expensive their basket contents becomes. Anybody got suggestions for budget-minded Easter basket loot that would appeal to older kids?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2

Did you see yesterday’s Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 1? Well, here we go as promised with our Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2. Check out these very cute designs:

Easter Ensemble Plastic Canvas Patterns
Welcome Easter with these “eggs-tra” special accents! The coordinating set will fill your home with springtime delights, such as colorful eggs, a sweet bunny, and a “basket” full of bright blossoms. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 and 10 mesh plastic canvas.

Bunny & Easter Egg Plastic Canvas Patterns
These little creations are easy to make and versatile to use. Try working stitched pieces on 7 or 10 mesh plastic canvas to decorate baskets, jars, wreaths, bags, and other items. They also can be made into package ties, plant pokes, magnets, coasters, and more.

Easter Party Ducks Plastic Canvas Patterns
For an Easter gathering that will delight youngsters, decorate your table with our cute party favors. Terrific treats can be presented in the duck nut cup, and the matching napkin tie is a sweet accent for the place setting. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Easter Bunnies Plastic Canvas Patterns
Our “hoppy-go-lucky” bunnies will bring charm to your Easter celebrations. Stitched in soft pastels, the stuffed shapes will inspire lots of creative ideas like these plant pokes. You can also add them to an Easter basket or make a garland of bunnies to decorate a wall or shelf. Each is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn and is stuffed with fiberfill.

Easter Rabbit Basket Plastic Canvas Pattern
A whimsical finishing touch for an Easter basket, this flop-eared fellow will make a cute accent for the rest of the year, too! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. The bunny is finished with two 9 mm animal eyes and ribbons and attached to a painted basket.

Easter Friends Plastic Canvas Patterns
Hop hop hurray! These fun-loving bunnies are ready to turn your Easter party into a more colorful occasion. Adorning candy cups, a banner, and more, the playful collection will delight youngsters year after year. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Easter Basket Boutique Plastic Canvas Pattern
Covered with dimensional baskets full of colorful eggs, this tissue box cover brings happy Easter greetings. The unique cover would also make a nice gift for “somebunny” special! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas and accented with satin ribbon bows.

Enjoy your Easter creativity! If you need more on sale, downloadable, Easter inspiration, see our Easter Deals!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 1

I just love plastic canvas projects for Easter decorating. The bright colors and cheerful designs just seem to go with the season for me, and kids love them. Plus most of them are small and quick to stitch which is a bonus for me since I seem to be a last minute crafter. If plastic canvas appeals to you, too, check out Part 1 of our Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns. They’re on sale for only $1.00!

Perky Easter Pair Plastic Canvas Patterns
This cute bunny frame and coordinating tissue box cover make a delightful duo. Whether displayed together or separately, they’ll bring a touch of happiness to any room for the Easter holiday or even year ’round. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Easter Kisses Plastic Canvas Patterns
With candy surprises tucked in their cheeks, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Kiss will add fun to a basket of Easter treats! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Easter Bunny Coaster Set Plastic Canvas Pattern
With our clever coaster set, you and your guests can toast springtime in the company of the Easter Bunny himself! The cottontail coasters make handy accents that are sure to get your holiday hoppin’! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Easter Surprises Bunny, Duck, Chick & Egg Plastic Canvas Patterns
Cute for creating a tabletop arrangement or using as party favors, these little spring animals will help you spread the joy of Easter. The ornate egg can be used as a magnet or as an accent on a basket or other item. Each design is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn.

Easter Cross Bookmark Plastic Canvas Pattern
Stitched with pearl cotton in pretty pastels, this elegant bookmark will be a lovely reminder of the hope and joy we feel each spring as the miraculous events of the Easter story are retold. Our design is stitched using #3 pearl cotton and white 10 mesh plastic canvas. Twelve stands of embroidery floss may be substituted for the pearl cotton.

Mini Easter Baskets Plastic Canvas Pattern
Have a “hoppy” Easter with these mini Easter baskets! They’re great for holding party favors or for adding colorful accents to your spring table. Each is worked on 7 mesh plastic canvas using worsted weight yarn.

Easter Chicks Plastic Canvas Patterns
Let our “egg-stra” special family come roost at your house! Whether used as magnets, wreath accents, or plant pokes, this hen and her spring chicks will have everyone cracking smiles. The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. The baby chicks have 8 mm oval moving eyes.

Easter Favors Plastic Canvas Patterns
These cute party favors make charming decorations for your Easter gatherings, baby showers, or children’s parties. The little lamb nut cup is a fun way to share tiny treats. And his “baa-shful” buddy adds a playful touch to name tags, place cards, and baskets. For a really sweet idea, use toothpicks to place little lambs on cupcakes! The designs are stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas.

Since there are too many fun Easter Plastic Canvas Downloadable patterns on the Leisure Arts site for just one post, come back tomorrow for Downloadable Easter Plastic Canvas Patterns Deal Part 2 or check them all out (including our cross stitch, crochet, and craft downloadable Easter patterns) at Easter Deals! Each one is only a $1.00!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Focus on the Center: Pat Sloan’s New Quilt Pattern Book

Jump right in the middle of quilting with designer/teacher Pat Sloan’s newest quilt pattern book—Focus on the Center! Available in both print and downloadable versions, the 7 medallion quilts in this book simply encourage you to start in the middle with one big block and work your way to the edges! Check out Pat’s pretty, pretty vintage-inspired designs:

Antique Mist

Arabella’s Courtyard

Blue Lagoon

Checkerboard Deluxe

Rose Garden

Lucky Charms

All Roads Lead Home

Meet the Designer: Pat Sloan
You’ll never meet a more devoted fan of the quilting arts than Pat Sloan! Pat says, “I’ve been fulltime as a quilt designer and teacher since 2000, with my husband Gregg handling the business side of managing our company. My life is all about quilting, twenty-four/seven.” Recently, Pat became the new Voice of Quilting, hosting a weekly Internet radio show, American Patchwork & Quilting Radio, at
allpeoplequilt.com. When she isn’t designing fabric, writing quilt books, teaching quilt techniques, or developing patterns, she draws on her background as a computer programmer to maintain her popular Web site and blog at PatSloan.com.

And if you’re loving Focus on the Center, be sure to check out all of Pat’s quilt pattern books on the Leisure Arts website! Some of them are even on sale and just begging to join your quilt pattern library!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Knook Expanded Beginner Set

You asked for it, and it’s finally really here! The Knook Expanded Beginner Set is now available on LeisureArts.com!

I finally, actually, got to hold the new Knook package in my hand and touch the goodies inside!

Each set contains:

• 5 bamboo Knooks in different sizes so you can work with light, medium, or bulky weight yarn (sizes E-3.5 mm, G-4.0 mm, H-5.0 mm, I-5.5 mm, and J-6.0 mm). Replacing traditional knitting needles, these unique tools look like regular crochet hooks on one end and have a hole on the other end for a cord to hold your stitches.

• 5 cords in graduated lengths to accommodate small, medium, or large projects (two 36" lengths, two 72", and one 120").

• 4 handy cord clips to completely prevent dropped stitches.

• 3 yarn needles for finishing your projects.

• a step-by-step learn to Knook instruction book—It’s easy to learn to knit with The Knook. (We’ve included both right- and left-handed instructions!) The book also includes three beginner projects—


Baby Blanket

Lap Robe

Pretty cool, huh? Get your very own Knook Expanded Beginner Set now and check back by our Knook Info Page for free how-to videos, patterns, and more! Enjoy!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Downloadable Easter Craft Patterns & A Story…

I know there are creative folks out there looking for just a little something to get crafty with for Easter! Take a peek at these downloadable Easter craft patterns from Leisure Arts. They’re on sale for only a $1.00 each!

Herbal Easter Eggs Craft Patterns
You can give your Easter celebration a new twist with our herbal eggs! We’ll show you how to make theses pretty surprises in no time. They’re perfect for grouping in a bowl or basket and showcased throughout the year! Full instructions are included.

Easter Ornaments Craft Patterns
Symbolizing love, new life, and traditional bunny fun, these simple ornaments will help you have a bright and cheerful Easter. Display them on a tabletop tree for an easy Easter centerpiece. Patterns and full instructions are included.

A Tree for Easter Craft Patterns
Why not start a new tradition this year and decorate a tree for Easter! Trimmed with painted wooden bunnies, dainty flowers, and colorful ribbons, our miniature tree is a charming addition to your holiday celebration.

Oh, and I promised you a story…
I decorated an Easter tree for my kids when they were tiny. It was a little 5’ live sweet gum tree in our front yard. I simply used a straight pin to melt holes in plastic Easter eggs, stuck paperclip hangers in the holes, and hung them on the tree. Fast forward twenty years…there’s still an Easter egg hanging in the top of that tree that I missed when I took the rest down…and the kids still talk about the year we had the Easter tree!

What’s your favorite Easter story about your family? Please share…I had to promise my eldest daughter that I wouldn’t post a picture or tell the story about the time I made her wear an Easter hat…

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Handmade Bunnies for Easter

Good Sunday morning to all of you! I’m back to wishing I could knit again ’cause I want to knit bunnies for Easter! Look at the cute patterns I’ve found—

This adorable Spring Bunny to knit is from a free downloadable pattern designed by Chris De Longpre. (If you like Chris’ pattern, check out the book it came from—Options: Baby – Knit Fashions for Tots! It’s on sale!)

I’m also loving the knit amigurumi bunny patterns that I found in Little Knitted Creatures by Amy Gaines:

Meet Buster Bunny Jr. and…

Harold Hopper!

The good news is that Little Knitted Creatures is, in addition to being available as a printed book, now ready to be downloaded, so if I knew how to knit, I could start right now!

Guess I need to get busy and learn, huh?

Of course, I could just rely on my crochet skills and try my hand at these very cute Bunny Tales Crochet Patterns from a low-priced digital download pattern…

Or this Carrot Patch Bunny Crochet Pattern

Or maybe I’ll learn to sew and make this adorable chenille Bunny Rabbit from Mary Engelbreit’s Sew, So Cute! (The pattern book’s on sale!)

Oops, looks like the bunnies are multiplying!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Recycled Linen Pincushion Project

As I wander my way through flea markets, auctions, estate sales, and other great junky locations, I’m always running up on vintage embroidered linens, but I wouldn’t ever let myself have them because I wasn’t sure what to do with them, plus they are often just a little bit too worn to display…but thanks to our designer friend Becky, I now have the perfect project for vintage linens—Recycled Linen Pincushions!

Just think what great little keepsakes you could make from this pattern using the tattered family treasures from the attic!

All you need is:

• acrylic paint & brush
• wooden frame
• heavy cardstock
• embroidered linen
• tape or glue
• fiberfill


1. Paint frame and allow to dry completely.

2. Cut an oval of cardstock the same size as the opening in the back of your frame.

3. Leaving about 1/2" of extra fabric around the pattern, use cardstock oval as a pattern and cut out an oval from embroidered linen with your design in the center.

4. Leaving an opening for stuffing, tape or glue extra fabric edges to back of cardstock.
5. Stuff and tape or glue opening closed.
6. Place pincushion in frame.


I love the little embroidered flower basket that Becky chose for this project. It makes this pincushion perfect for an Easter present!

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